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Aromas del Somontano

Our wines

Our wines silently keep the secrets of this land so wonderful for vine-growing – Somontano – showing the winemaker’s passion for creating wines full of sensations waiting to be discovered when you uncork a bottle of LAUS.

LAUS Rosado

Made with the free-run juice of our Syrah and Garnacha grapes, it is characterised by intense aromas of strawberries, red fruit and violets. A very inviting wine, gentle on the palate.

LAUS Rosado LAUS Rosado

LAUS Chardonnay

Made with our best Chardonnay, this wine preserves all the fruity aromas of the variety thanks to careful, painstaking winemaking. Complex and elegant, the citrus and other fruit (pineapple and ripe banana) aromas stand out.


LAUS Chardonnay LAUS Chardonnay

Laus Tinto Barrica

Perfect blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah later allowed to rest in mixed-oak barrels to achieve a balance between the aromas of red fruit, nuts and spices.

Laus Tinto Barrica Laus Tinto Barrica

Laus Tinto Crianza

Created with the best Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes aged for eight months in mixed barrels. With an intense nose betraying its time in the barrel: vanilla, spices and preserved fruit.

Laus Tinto Crianza Laus Tinto Crianza

Laus Tinto Joven

Made with our Merlot and Syrah grapes, this young wine has unique reminders of the vineyard. Generous red fruit aromas with a touch of wild berries, recalling the valleys surrounding the vineyard.

Laus Tinto Joven Laus Tinto Joven

Laus Tinto Reserva

100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged in new French oak barrels for 13 months. Ruby red, intense in the nose with the fruity flavours of the grape and chocolate and spices from the barrel.

Laus Tinto Reserva Laus Tinto Reserva

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Bodega Slow

Bodega LAUS was founded in 2002. The winery is like an “island in Somontano”, surrounded by water, vineyards, flowers, sun, air... and life. LAUS comes from Latin and means “Praise, congratulations, consideration”. It is a name that perfectly reflects the spirit of this Somontano winery. The logo symbolises the earth in I Ching symbolism and represents our essence, the territory, the soil on which our vineyard stands.

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Bodega Slow
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Events and weddings

A singular tourist space in itself whose main objective is to spread the culture of wine, through unique experiences, adapted to the needs of each client.

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