Winery Laus

Winery Laus

LAUS es paz, reposo, equilibrio, belleza y serenidad

The nature of wine

Wines that keep the secrets of this wonderful land for vine-growing, awakening the winemaker’s passion for creating wines full of sensations waiting to be discovered when you uncork a bottle of LAUS.

  • Los Orígenes
  • El Viñedo
  • La Bodega


Bodega LAUS was founded in 2002. The winery is like an “island in Somontano”, surrounded by water, vineyards, flowers, sun, air... and life. LAUS comes from Latin and means “Praise, congratulations, consideration”. It is a name that perfectly reflects the spirit of this Somontano winery. The logo represents the earth in I Ching symbolism and represents our essence, the territory, the soil on which our vineyard stands.


Passion from the earth. The vineyards

The Laus vineyards are scattered in different areas of Somontano, at an altitude of between 350 and 400 metres above sea level. The different soils give the grapes special qualities to achieve white, rosé and red wines with their own character. Our vines are in the south of the D.O. Somontano, in the landscape known as “Las Almunietas”. It is an area of stony, chalky soils with loamy texture and the occasional presence of gypsum. This kind of soil is characterised by low fertility. The climate of the area is continental Mediterranean, with low annual rainfall (400 mm). Because of this, a small amount of controlled watering ensures grape quality even in the driest summers and reduces variations between vintages. The combination of poor soils and the warm, dry climate of the southern Somontano allows us to ripen the grapes fully, producing limited quantities in an excellent state of health.

Nuestras vides se encuentran al sur de la D.O. Somontano, en el paraje conocido como ‘Las Almunietas’. Se trata de una zona de suelos calizos y pedregosos, con presencia de yeso en algunos casos, y una textura franca. Este tipo de suelos se caracterizan por un nivel de fertilidad bajo.

El clima de la zona es mediterráneo continental, con una pluviometría anual escasa (400 mm). Por ello, pequeños riegos controlados aseguran la calidad de la uva, incluso en los veranos más secos, a la vez que disminuyen la variabilidad entre añadas.

La combinación de los suelos pobres con el clima cálido y seco del sur del Somontano permite alcanzar una completa maduración de la uva, con producciones ajustadas y un excelente estado sanitario.




Our 100 hectares are grouped into two areas:

15 hectares of vines of the Merlot and Syrah varieties, making up the winery’s “natural garden”. They were planted in 2003.

85 hectares only 1.5 km from the winery, with Chardonnay and red grape varieties. They were planted between 2000 and 2007.


Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Red Garnacha


They are harvested first thing in the morning to preserve grape quality and save energy in the winery.

The winery

The winery, founded in 2002, is a modern, minimalist building in absolutely natural surroundings with views of the vineyards around it and the Pyrenees rising in the background.
It is on the highest part of the plot, on two levels. The grapes are brought in at the top, the wines are made at the bottom and there is access for visitors. It consists of three units of 6.792 square metres, joined by two external courtyards, one for winemaking with 46 double fermentation tanks, one for aging and the bottling unit.

The winery

Vineyards are not the only essential resources for the winery. So is the building that houses it, constructed in zen style in the heart of Somontano and forming a landmark in the area. Founded in 2002, it is a modern, minimalist building perfectly integrated into the natural environment surrounding it, covered with vineyards and overlooked in the background by the Pyrenees. It is surrounded by a large, characteristic lake covering 8,428 square metres but just 15 centimetres deep – a constantly moving body of water embracing the building, with bridges providing walkways and access to the winery. The southern part is protected by a roof of wooden strips, creating shade and, at the same time, allowing air to circulate. This “enveloping skin” is designed to protect the inside of the building. It helps achieve a temperature contrast which naturally maintains the internal temperature of the winery (between 5 and 10 degrees cooler than the outside). Built to strict environmentally friendly criteria, the winery stands on the highest point of the plot, on two levels. Inside, the latest winemaking technologies are applied. The grapes come in at the top and the wines are made at the bottom, where there is also access for visitors. It consists of three units of 6.792 square metres, joined by two external courtyards, one for winemaking with 46 double fermentation tanks, one for aging and the bottling unit.

The winery has 46 double tanks (each with capacity of 23,000 litres at the top and 17,000 at the bottom), 8 isothermal tanks (each with capacity for 37,000 litres). The barrel room is 5.65 metres underground and can house 3,000 barrels. It currently has a stock of 1,300 French- and mixed-oak barrels (American oak staves and French oak bottoms).

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